In the depths of beautiful Iraq, in 2018, an inspiring entrepreneurial story emerged under the name ‘Curly Girls Iraq.’ This company, specialized in curly hair, is a place that celebrates the natural beauty of hair and supports natural practices for its care.

It had humble beginnings, founded on the belief that each strand of hair has a story to tell. The journey started by providing Skala’s wonderful products and curly hair tools to the Iraqi market. What made this company stand out was its dedication to providing effective and unique solutions to the challenges curly hair owners might face and understanding society’s perception of this unique hair type.

By relying on high-quality and fruitful products from Skala, a renowned Brazilian manufacturer, ‘Curly Girls Iraq’ succeeded in capturing the attention and trust of many women with curly hair in Iraq. However, their vision extended beyond providing products; they also offered suitable curly hair tools to customers because they understand the importance of using the right tools to achieve stunning results and excellent hair health.

Through personalized guidance and helpful advice, ‘Curly Girls Iraq’ aims to assist customers in discovering the best products and techniques that suit their curly hair type. The company continuously looks forward to developing its products and services to meet the ongoing needs of curly hair and the expectations of its customers, expanding its range of products and improving their quality.

Additionally, ‘Curly Girls Iraq’ works on expanding its network and increasing its presence in the Iraqi market and beyond, in order to provide products and services to more women with curly hair. The company focuses on building strong relationships with customers and providing them with exceptional experiences that enhance their trust and loyalty to the brand.

And it continues to support natural hair care practices and encourage women to embrace their natural beauty and rely on the health of their hair. The company offers further tips and guidance to customers, providing them with the knowledge and necessary tools to achieve healthy and stunning curly hair.

Thanks to their dedication and the consistent delivery of exceptional services, ‘Curly Girls Iraq’ remains a symbol of strength and confidence in the curly hair industry. The company continues to be a trusted partner for women on their journey of embracing and caring for their natural hair, enhancing the power and beauty of curly hair in every step.

Over time, ‘Curly Girls Iraq’ has continued to achieve remarkable success and notable growth. The company expanded its scope of work and reached more customers in various regions of Iraq. With its excellent reputation and high quality of products and services, ‘Curly Girls Iraq’ has become a respected name in the curly hair industry.

The company invested in developing its team and enhancing their capabilities, attracting a group of distinguished professionals in the field of curly hair. With their expertise and passion, they were able to meet customers’ needs and provide exceptional experiences that leave a positive impact on women.

‘Curly Girls Iraq’ also continues to leverage the power of social media and modern technology to communicate with customers and provide support and guidance. The company launches innovative promotional campaigns and delivers value-added content that helps women care for their hair in the right and effective ways.

With the continuous efforts and visionary leadership, ‘Curly Girls Iraq’ has become a successful company, and we are proud to announce the launch of the first specialized center and store for curly hair in Iraq.

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